Hollywood smile

Dentists and workers in the dental cosmetic industry have created many solutions to achieve the desire of many to have a Hollywood smile and pure white teeth free from defects, and in order to achieve this goal، From toothpaste used for whitening, to teeth whitening sessions using laser, ultrasound or even chemical methods.

What is a Hollywood smile?

Hollywood smile refers to a group of medical procedures that aim to reach the teeth to the best possible condition and appearance through the following:

  • At first, any problems related to the condition of the teeth are treated, for example: caries, tooth root injuries, tooth erosion, deviations in tooth growth (orthodontics), dental abscesses, missing teeth, gum infections…etc.
  • Teeth cleaning and tartar removal.
  • The installation of dental lenses, known as veneers, to obtain the desired appearance of the teeth and the doctor obtains a Hollywood smile

So when you go to the specialized dentist and request a Hollywood smile, the dentist examines the case and conducts a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the teeth. In the best cases, the doctor installs the dental lenses immediately after making sure that there are no problems that hinder the installation of the lenses.While sometimes, when the condition of the teeth is bad, it takes time and several sessions to finish solving dental problems first before proceeding to the installation of lenses.

Who are the candidates for a Hollywood smile?

A Hollywood smile is a magic solution for almost anyone who wants to have white teeth free of defects and pigmentation, and the stability of the teeth and the stability of their growth must be ensured before the procedure , The process also needs a person who has complete teeth and does not suffer from fundamental problems, such as the loss of a large number of teeth, the presence of permanent caries problems or untreated inflammation of the gums in the porcelain veneers.

How to obtain a Hollywood smile

There are many ways in which a Hollywood smile can be obtained, and the specialist doctor determines the optimal method based on the patient’s condition:

  • fillings Its use is considered the least among all other methods, because it is not successful in treating most cases. They are white fillings that are formed according to the shape of the tooth to fill minor gaps and do not last for a long time compared to cosmetic lenses.
  • veneer Cosmetic veneers are usually installed on the outer surfaces of the teeth in a consistent and one color shape. Although it is more expensive than some other methods, but it will protect the teeth in the mouth without the need to remove them.
  • dental implants In some cases where the teeth are very damaged or missing, the doctor is forced to have dental implants as an alternative to veneers.
  • Teeth whitening In cases where the teeth are consistent in size and shape, it is possible to do teeth whitening to get rid of stains or the dark color of the teeth

Hollywood smile benefits

When you perform the operation, you get many advantages that are not available in any other dental treatment, such as:

The Hollywood smile operation is an immediate process, as you get the perfect white teeth immediately after installing the lenses
You do not need to wait like the case in teeth whitening treatments of various kinds, which may need several sessions for the results to start appearing.
The result of a Hollywood smile lasts for a few years

Dental lenses help add a layer of protection to the teeth because they put a barrier between the tooth enamel and between drinks, foods and saliva.
white teeth give a wonderful psychological feeling and self-confidence.

Operation Results

  • Before-1
    Before 1 After
  • Before-2
    Before 2 After