Gastric balloon operation

Recently, the world has turned to alternatives to non-surgical operations, after they proved their ability to achieve results that are closer to ideal, while at the same time reducing the risk of exposure to any of the side effects and potential complications of traditional surgeries.  One of the most important operations is the stomach balloon operation, which is one of the cosmetic surgeries that concern both men and women. The stomach balloon operation is not only cosmetic and is not limited to improving the general appearance, but is one of the means to lose weight and reduce obesity.

qualified for this process

The process is suitable for people who are overweight, as it helps to lose about 15 kilograms.

Gastric Balloon Techniques

The gastric balloon procedure is based on several types of medical balloons that are inserted into the stomach through the mouth, but they differ in terms of the filling material, which may be saline solution or hydrogen gas,They also differ in terms of the duration of stay in the stomach and the rate of weight loss resulting from it. The most prominent types of gastric balloon used in the operation are the following:

  • Richep Balloon
  • Orbera balloon
  • OBALON capsules

gastric balloon capsule

The stomach balloon capsule or the smart capsule is a compressed balloon the size of a vitamin capsule connected to a catheter, and it is filled with air when it reaches the stomach to occupy the stomach, approximately one third of the stomach, which helps reduce the person’s consumption of food.

The gastric capsule is characterized by the fact that it does not need an endoscope to insert it or anesthesia like a stomach balloon. Rather, it is a simple, non-surgical procedure, and you do not need to remove it either, as it fades by itself after 4 months.

Operation Results

  • Before-1
    Before 1 After
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    Before 2 After