Eyelid Tightening

Many patients are looking for advice after eyelid surgery, for those who suffer from sagging eyelids. Despite the simplicity of the eyelid lift procedure and its lack of complexity, the sensitivity and importance of the eye make the period after the operation very important for many patients, so we offer you in Naya clinics a  comprehensive guide to all those who are about to undergo this experience in dealing with the expected side effects of eyelid lift surgery to help them pass this period safely.

What is the eyelid lift operation?

The skin loses its elasticity over time as a result of the loss of collagen, so the eyelid lift operation aims to correct the problems caused by aging in the area around the eye, and this leads to the appearance of fine lines and sagging in the eyelids, as well as some skin growths and puffiness that require surgical intervention to get rid of them and restore their shape.

Eyelid surgery is a simple medical procedure, as it does not require the patient to undergo general anesthesia,a local anesthesia around the eye area is enough

Tips after eyelid surgery

  • Complete rest after eyelid surgery You should stay away from violent exercis. It is also recommended that you rest completely after the operation from 3 to 4 days, and in all cases you should consult your doctor before returning to exercise and daily activities.
  • Avoid getting colds coughing or vomiting may lead to high blood pressure and bleeding at the site of the wound, so you should avoid catching colds after eyelid surgery, and you should consult a doctor if you feel nauseated
  • Do not worry about swollen eyelids after the operation Swelling of the eyelids is one of the most common side effects of eyelid surgery, swelling may extend to include the cheeks, and some patients suffer from pain associated with this swelling, these symptoms should not be a cause for concern at all, it takes one to two weeks at most until it disappears completely. Doctors recommend using ice packs for 10 minutes every hour to treat eye puffiness after the operation,
  • Avoid exposure to the sun The operation may cause your eyes to be sensitive to light for a short period, so you should avoid exposure to the sun immediately after the operation and when you return home, and it is preferable to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays
  • Raise your head while sleeping All doctors advise that the head should be raised during sleep to avoid swelling in the incision site after the operation. You can sleep on two or three pillows after you return home and for two weeks after the operation.
  • Showering after eyelid surgery There is no problem with showering after the operation, starting from the neck to the bottom of the body, and you should consult the doctor at the time when it is allowed to shower completely, and in most cases it is 5 days after the operation.

When will the result of the operation appear?

The operation is characterized by its continuous results for many years, and swelling and bruising disappear within 10 to 14 days after the operation at the latest, and the scars that appear at the surgical site may take several months to completely disappear.

Operation Results

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    Before 1 After
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    Before 2 After