Eyebrow Transplant Process

All women strive to have a beautiful face, but some problems remain that cannot be solved through home recipes or beauty centers, such as thin eyebrows.A woman who suffers from thin eyebrows feels that there is an imbalance in the eye area, so she begins to look for a way to intensify the eyebrows, and one of these methods is the process of eyebrow transplantation.

What is the process?

The process of eyebrow transplantation is a simple cosmetic process aimed at increasing the density of eyebrows hair through the transplantation of new follicles. This process is considered easy, but it is necessary to focus on it because it is in a precise area of the face and any error, even if it is simple, will lead to a deformation in this area

Where the surgeon must take into account some things while transplanting the new hairs:

  • Locate the hairs with great accuracy, so that the hair grows in a proper direction and angle after that.
  • Attention to the form, where the shape of the eyebrow should be consistent with the rest of the facial features.
  • The process of eyebrow transplantation takes from one to two hours as a minimum and about 5 hours as a maximum, depending on the number of hairs that will be transplanted, and it usually does not require general anesthesia, most of the eyebrow intensification operations are done under local anesthesia.

before the operation

Before performing any operation, there is a set of procedures and steps that must be followed, in order to maintain your safety and ensure the success of the operation.

  • Although the process of intensifying the eyebrows is one of the simple operations that is performed under local anesthesia, it is necessary to perform some analyzes and x-rays three days before the operation, in order to make sure that the body is healthy and free of diseases.
  • It is also necessary to go to a dermatologist before performing the eyebrow transplant to make sure that the woman does not suffer from any skin disease, and to determine the cause of hair loss, and whether the process of intensifying the eyebrows is the best solution at this time. Then we perform the operation.
  • There are many methods that can be used to intensify the eyebrows, and this matter is determined by the specialist doctor, as some women may rush to make the decision of the operation, in order to obtain thick eyebrows in a short time, but the doctor may advise them to undo the decision.
  • If the woman makes the decision for the operation, she must conduct comprehensive examinations such as ECG, blood pressure and sugar measurements, and conduct a blood analysis to find out the percentage of hemoglobin and the percentage of blood fluidity
  • After the operation, you have to stay at home for at least three days, and then you can go to work, but you should not expose yourself to the sun, and you should not stand much in the kitchen in front of fires to maintain the safety of the operation.
  • She can also use some oils that increase the density of eyebrows, such as castor oil.

Eyebrow Transplant

  • The anesthesia in the operation is partial anesthesia, meaning that the patient feels everything that is happening around him, but he does not feel any pain during the procedure.
  • Some women undergo the process of intensifying the eyebrows in order to treat small scars, or to increase the density of eyebrow hair, and others perform hair transplantation due to the permanent disappearance of their eyebrow hair, Whether the process is to intensify the eyebrows or treat scars, the surgeon initially sets a shape for the eyebrow, and agrees with the patient on this shape before starting the operation.
  • After choosing the shape of the eyebrow, the surgeon will take hair from the back of the head through the “FUG” or “FUE” technique, and the surgeon will show you the first and second technique, and he will allow you to choose your preferred technique
  • After that, the surgeon places the hairs, one by one, in the places of implantation that he previously identified, where the surgeon himself performs this work because the places of hair transplantation are the most important step in the process.
  • After the hair transplant is completed, the surgeon will check more than once on the shape of the eyebrows and the place of transplantation, to make sure that the hair is transplanted in the right place.

Operation Results

  • Before-1
    Before 1 After
  • Before-2
    Before 2 After