Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is a surgical cosmetic procedure that aims to improve the breasts that appear saggy to return to a more youthful and attractive look.After pregnancies  and breastfeeding, which causes stretching of the ligaments that support the breasts, it is considered one of the most important reasons why young women consider having a breast lift operation.

Breast lift techniques

  • Breast lift by Benley method In this method, a circular cut is made around the nipple, between the areola and normal skin. As a result, the remaining scar is barely visible. With this technique, we can also reduce the size of the areola around the nipple if desired. And the sensitivity of the breast and nipple is preserved, because the intensity of the nerves remains unchanged. This gentle method is suitable for a simple breast lift
  • T and L . cutting techniques Both methods are based on the Ligure method. The circular cut continues around the nipple perpendicular to the breast crease. This creates an inverted T shape, or corresponds to the letter L,If it creates a subsequent horizontal cavity in the breast fold horizontally. Both methods allow the breast to be tightened further as the excess skin can be removed.
  • Breast lift technique with threads

About the operation

Some women try to raise the chest by exercises to raise and tighten the breasts
But when the sagging is a lot and the amount of excess skin is big, a solution can be found through the breast lift operation. This technique relies on the use of threads to lift the sagging skin and sagging soft tissues to put them in a better position.

Breast lift with threads is a great alternative to surgeries that require large incisions to achieve great results, as tightening and lifting sagging breasts with threads achieve better results and do not need general anesthesia, and the result is natural-looking and the results are immediate .

Before the breast lift operation, the plastic surgeon will determine the appropriate technique for you in breast lift based on:

  • How saggy the breast are
  • The size and position of the nipple in the breast
  • Excessive amount of skin due to sagging
  • Skin elasticity and quality

How is breast lift with threads performed?

The doctor makes an incision next to the collarbone and attaches a small metal screw to the underside of the collarbone

Very large permanent polymer sutures and a curved needle are used in a threaded breast lift procedure in which the doctor does not need to remove any excess skin and the breast will be lifted by threads only. The breasts may swell a little after the chest is lifted and some pain can be felt that can be relieved with painkillers . The patient will need to wear a surgical bra or a non-wired bra for 3 weeks.

Operation Results

  • Before-1
    Before 1 After
  • Before-2
    Before 2 After