Breast Augmentation

The shape of the breast greatly contributes to a woman’s feeling of her femininity, so breast augmentation surgery is very common among women, because it greatly improves the appearance of the woman’s breasts and the contour of her body, and this is done by placing an artificial breast made of saline or silicone gel directly under the breast tissue or under Chest wall muscle for breast augmentation.

Who are the candidates for breast augmentation?

  • After breastfeeding, the breast size increases and returns to its normal size.
  • Women who suffer from large breasts, which leads to sagging and drooping in the area.
  • Men who are overweight and have gynecomastia.

before the operation

Before performing the breast augmentation operation, the patient is examined and the size of the breast is compared with the body to obtain a harmonious body , also examining whether there is sagging in the chest area to get rid of it, if there is sagging in the chest area and the patient wants to get rid of it in the same operation during Breast augmentation surgery, the chest is enlarged and lifted up.

How is breast augmentation surgery performed?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and the operation lasts from an hour to an hour and a half, and the chest is incised approximately 4-5 cm to insert the filler inside the breast. After the operation, and according to the patient’s condition, the patient stays for one night in the hospital, and if the patient’s condition is stable, the patient goes home the next day

After the operation

After the operation the next day, the patient can return to their normal life, and after 5 days they can start work, and the patient wears a special bra for 4 weeks according to the instructions of the specialist doctor

In this case, the patient can move comfortably.  For an average of 4-6 weeks no heavy sports should be done. After breast augmentation surgery, the patient may notice that the breast size is larger than what was agreed upon with the doctor during the examination. This is normal, as the breast takes its natural shape after 6 months of the operation.

Operation Results

  • Before-1
    Before 1 After
  • Before-2
    Before 2 After