Body Sculpting

Obesity stands in the way of obtaining a perfect and flawless body and enjoying the appearance of youth for a long time, so the body sculpting process came to fulfill the dreams of many in getting rid of excess weight or getting rid of sagging problems that require body sculpting as well.Both men and women want to perform a body sculpting procedure; Women want to sculpt the waist to highlight its beauty, and men want to sculpt the abdominal muscles to get a better shape

What is the body sculpting process?

It is a process in which certain areas of the body are formed in the way that the obese patient desires, and the required results may be simple nothing more than to get rid of “cellulite” (which is difficult to get rid of without these methods.Body sculpting differs from the traditional methods of liposuction in that it can smoothly highlight the aesthetic features of the body, and reach some areas of the body to the desired shape completely, and not just coordinate the body weight. In fact, body operations sometimes require adjusting the proportion of body weight with height first before starting to use these techniques.

Who are the potential candidates for body sculpting operations?

The process of body sculpting differs from liposuction procedures, as the aim of this process is not to adjust the body mass index (the proportion between weight and height), but the potential candidates for the process of body sculpting must have a somewhat consistent body, and this process can be used to target certain areas.


Although it is possible to use this process to treat several areas in the body, but doctors advise in the beginning to use the other methods that control the body weight to reach the ideal weight, and to resort to this technique only to highlight the beauty of the features of the body and determine muscle consistency or spot reduce fat.

Of course, this operation can be performed for both men and women alike. The person must be in good health, and not suffer from any diseases at the time of the operation, or at least be stable in the case of some chronic diseases.

This process is suitable for body tightening, but if the person suffers from severe sagging, it is recommended to start with body tightening techniques through “Mesotherapy” or any other type of body sculpting, and postpone resorting to the body sculpting process using a four-dimensional laser a little.

The person to be operated on must be a non-smoker, or be able to quit and avoid smoking during the recovery period.

How to sculpt the body

  • The beginning of this process is the assessment of the patient’s health and physical condition.
  • Choosing the appropriate technique for the patient  according to the place that is desired to be sculpted.
  • Some places offer a body planning service to the patient, and show him some illustrations of the body shape before and after the body sculpting sessions
  • The approximate number of sessions needed by the patient is determined
  • The four-dimensional laser process is performed under local anesthesia, and the patient is not subjected to general anesthesia unless he desires it, as the operation is almost painless.
  • An incision of about ½ cm in length is made in some places where the operation is performed. This wound does not leave any scars.
  • Laser technology is used to melt and remove fat, which reduces bruising.
  • The process takes between two and six hours.
  • The patient can go home on the same day of the operation, and the recovery period ranges from three to fourteen days.

body sculpting techniques

  • Body sculpting with solutions It is the most popular type, and it is done by injecting the body with a sterile medical solution that mixes with the body fat and makes it more liquid, thus facilitating the liposuction process.. This process is done under local or complete anesthesia, depending on each case.
  • Ultrasound body sculpting It is considered one of the advanced methods in body sculpting operations. It is done by melting fat with sound waves that are directed to the target area.. This process usually takes less time.
  • Laser body sculpting In some cases, this technique is considered the best because of its ability to tighten loose skin in many cases.. It is always preferable to consult a specialist doctor to choose the best way.

body sculpting results

  • The results appear noticeable once the session is completed, whether this session is a non-surgical technique or a surgical laser technique, and the results continue to appear in the period following the session and for a period of up to six months in some cases.
  • In general, these body sculpting operations are primarily cosmetic, in which the patient continues until he feels completely satisfied with what he has achieved.
  • As for the durability of the results after the operation, this depends on following a healthy lifestyle in the first place. It is true that these operations provide an immediate and quick solution to the treatment of years of neglect of body care.
  • At least a balanced lifestyle should be followed, and at least walking should be practiced to ensure that the results last. Continuing to neglect body care after that may cause the problems of obesity to reappear in the long run.
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